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by Paul Autry
2000 April 07

One of the most talked about bands in the Pennsylvania music scene will soon be appearing in this area and, if it's good, quality entertainment you're looking for, Halestorm is a band that you should look into.

Halestorm features the collective talents of thirteen year old Arejay Hale on drums, sixteen year old Elizabeth Hale on keyboards and vocals, sixteen year old Leo Nessinger on guitar and "vintage" bass player Roger Hale.

Halestorm has gained the respect and admiration of fans and record industry people, not only for their explosive stage show, but, for the simple fact that they've built their reputation on the strength of original music, which is something rare in the Pennsylvania scene. There aren't too many artists out there who could pull off a three hour show doing their own music. But, Halestorm has done that and they continue to it, much to the delight of fans and club owners everywhere.

In front of an audience, Halestorm becomes as focused a band as they could possibly be, with each member giving every ounce of their heart and soul to make sure that the people who come to see them have a good time. They're obviously doing something right because everyone seems to be talking about them. There hasn't been a buzz like this since The Badlees and Hybrid Ice before them.

Roger Hale, most of the time in zebra pants and sunglasses, always has a smile on his face and his "feel good" personality carries over to the audience. Leo Nessinger, who happens to be the "newest" member of the band, continues to grow as a performer. Halestorm has given him the confidence to be the best he can be and, in return, his confidence in himself has carried over to the band and that has greatly influenced the growth of Halestorm. Arejay Hale, always the prankster of the group, is a constant ball of energy. Before a show, you'll find him in the audience, talking to as many people as he possibly can. On stage, he provides the band with a solid foundation on which to build upon. Audiences are held captivated by his rotating drum kit and his thunderous drum solo, which has earned him the admiration of fans and seasoned drummers alike. Making this picture complete is Elizabeth Hale. Her passion for the music is evident in the way she sings, pouring every ounce of herself into each song that she performs. In between songs, she talks with the audience making them feel as if they're part of the show and not just there, watching from the sidelines.

Halestorm has a gift. They're talented way beyond their years and this is something that they've worked hard at. It's also something they don't abuse. There's no ego involved, no competition, they support other musicians with open arms. In fact, at any given show, they offer more praise to whoever they're playing with instead of talking about themselves. They have a genuine love of music, which you can see both on and off stage.

Even if you take away the music, the members of Halestorm are gifted individuals. They have an honest love for each other and all the people they meet. They're positive and uplifting and they're just all around wonderful people to know. They're exceptional role models for the children of today and their star shines bright above all the "dark" music that seems to be the current, popular trend. If you haven't seen them live, there's no better time than now. They've captured the attention of local club owners and, thanks to them, you can now experience Halestorm in your own back yard. They'll be appearing at Studio 15 in Selinsgrove on April 14th with TKO, they'll make their debut appearance at Whitey's Hotel, between Treverton and Sunbury April 15th, opening for local favorites Draganoid. They'll be appearing at The Helping Hands Telethon on April 29th at The Frackville Mall. On May 13th, they'll be back at Studio 15 for a benefit concert, with a host of other artists (details to be announced). Finally, May 20th, you can catch them at Fiddlestyx in Milton.

So, come see the band that everyone is talking about and catch the 'Storm...Halestorm.

*  *  *